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Frequently Asked Questions

Sonoma County Personal Injury Attorney

Do I need a lawyer for a personal injury claim?

Many individuals who have been injured do not realize that it is of great assistance to have legal representation from a Sonoma County personal injury lawyer when dealing with any insurance company. Most injured people are not trained legal professionals and do not know the types of claims that could be made and often lose out on a higher settlement, judgment or compensation due to their lack of knowledge. If you listen only to the insurance company that is paying the settlement, you can be quite certain that they are hoping to reduce the claim amount. It is very unlikely that they will offer you the maximum compensation that you could claim for your injuries.

How much can I expect in settlement in a personal injury case?

Each case varies widely in degree of injury and damages. In some cases, an individual may miss work for a month, and in others the individual may never have the ability to work again. Each case must be evaluated by an attorney from the Law Offices of David R. Silva to advise you what types of claims could be made and what you could expect in compensation. The initial consultation is at no cost to the individual, and the payment for legal services is deferred until the case is resolved.

Is the city liable if I trip and fall on a sidewalk?

If you have suffered a trip and fall accident due to an uneven walking surface on a city sidewalk, it may be possible to make a claim against the city for the damages you suffered in the accident.

What is the process in personal injury cases?

Usually the process starts with working with the insurance company to get the claim paid without filing a lawsuit. Each claim is carefully prepared so it is evident that should the case go to court, the likelihood of the insurance company being forced to pay is high. With this preparation of the case, in many instances they "fold" and agree to pay the claim. In cases in which they do not pay the claim as requested, a lawsuit will be filed on behalf of the injured client. The settlement may arrive shortly after filing the lawsuit. In some instances, particularly in high-value cases, a trial may be necessary to prove the case. Most insurance companies realize that juries feel more sympathy for the injured victim than for the accused, and they try to avoid a jury trial. However, when preparing a case, you want to ensure that you are supported by a skilled trial lawyer from the Law Offices of David R. Silva.

How much does a lawyer from the Law Offices of David R. Silva cost?

As each case takes a unique amount of work, the actual amount can vary. However, no fees are due if the legal team does not successfully get monetary compensation, a judgment or settlement in your claim. The case is taken on as a "contingency" in which a percentage of the settlement or compensation will be paid to the firm for their work on the case. In this way, the injured client is not required to pay for the lawyer fees unless they collect compensation on the case.

What types of personal injury cases does the Law Offices of David R. Silva help with?

The legal team at the firm is focused exclusively on personal injury cases in Sonoma County and Petaluma, and handles a large variety of such cases, including the following types of claims:

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