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Sonoma County Personal Injury Lawyer

Injured in a Drunk Driver Accident?

Intoxicated drivers are the cause of a large percentage of fatal car accidents in the country, and Sonoma County is no exception. A drunk driver is likely to weave, speed and drive recklessly and carelessly, endangering everyone on the road. If you or your loved one has been injured in a drunk driver accident, it is critical that you get legal help from a Sonoma County drunk driver accident lawyer as quickly as possible.

The insurance company of the responsible party needs to be contacted and made to pay the compensation for damages that is deserved for the injuries and property damage sustained in the accident. At the Law Offices of David R. Silva, the legal team is prepared to fight aggressively on behalf of the injured victim, and to seek out monetary compensation commensurate with the damages suffered.

Don't Face Insurance Companies Alone

When dealing with serious injuries, it is important to focus on your recovery and health. Dealing with insurance claims and legal issues is difficult at the best of times; when injured it is even harder. Often the injured individual is taking medications and should not be interviewed by any insurance adjuster or investigator. It is strongly advised that you get legal representation before any interview or allowing any medical records to be given to the responsible party's insurer.

A skilled personal injury lawyer from the Law Offices of David R. Silva will take the case in hand, handle the insurance and claim issues and protect your rights. It is usually true that a higher settlement can be achieved more quickly with the assistance of an attorney. In fact, insurance companies will try to urge you to avoid an attorney as they are well aware that with the help of legal representation it is likely that there will be more pressure for a higher value settlement amount.

Get the Compassionate Counsel You Need

At the Law Offices of David R. Silva, the legal team is prepared to fight aggressively for the compensation that you deserve after being victimized by an intoxicated driver's irresponsible actions. The injuries were needless, had the individual chosen to avoid driving while drunk. As you or your loved one suffered the damages, it is an important legal matter for you and your family.

Contact a Sonoma County drunk driver accident lawyer from the Law Offices of David R. Silva if you have been injured in an accident caused by a drunk driver.

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