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Sonoma County Wrongful Termination Attorney

Wrongful Termination in Sonoma County?

Many individuals have faced the emotional and financial problems resulting from wrongful termination. These cases are terrible for the individual involved, as their survival is at risk, and after devoting the majority of one's life to a corporation or job and be terminated can be an emotionally damaging situation, as well as the financial harm. These cases can come about through a variety of circumstances. When the case is related to discrimination, it is fairly certain that you have a strong case, although you will have to prove the discrimination. Any witnesses to the discriminatory behavior could be important to the case. There are laws to protect individuals from wrongful termination, and even constitutional rights can come into play. It is important to contact a Sonoma County wrongful termination lawyer immediately after the termination.

Wrongful Termination Lawyer in Petaluma

Some cases are related to violation of the contract, union issues or other legal agreements that protect the worker. Each case is unique and individual and must be evaluated carefully to determine how to move forward with a claim on your behalf. The legal team at the Law Offices of David R. Silva will fight to protect the rights of clients who have suffered damages in wrongful termination cases. The attorney would like to review and evaluate the circumstances surrounding the termination and any documentation you may have that will support your case. After this review of the case, the attorney can advise you what can be done legally to fight for a claim for compensation in any wrongful termination case.

There have been cases in which an employee was terminated after a worker's compensation claim by putting them on another job and then determining that there was no use for that form of employment. In some cases, termination occurs with long term employees when certain bonuses or payments are coming up and the firm wants to avoid paying out the bonus or agreed upon stock payment. Whatever the situation is in your case, you can be assured that the wrongful termination lawyer from the Law Offices of David R. Silva will fight for what is fair and is prepared to take on any size corporation for clients who have been wrongfully terminated.

Contact a Sonoma County wrongful termination lawyer from the Law Offices of David R. Silva today.

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